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Payroll Taxes


With our Payroll Tax Management Service, we take full responsibility for the accuracy and timeliness of your federal, state, and local tax deposits, as well as filing your quarterly and year end returns. Your business will be automatically enrolled in the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System, EFTPS, which meets the Internal Revenue Service requirements for businesses that have to electronically deposit their 940 and 941 payroll taxes. You will never have the burden of tax penalties again.

Payroll Tax Management Service includes the following:

  • Calculate and Deposit FICA, Federal, FUTA, State, SUTA and Local Taxes
  • Notify You of All Deposits Made
  • Deposit 940 and 941 Taxes Using EFTPS
  • 941 Quarterly Returns
  • 940, Annual Federal Unemployment Return
  • Filing of All State, and Local Returns
  • Responding to Any Agency Tax Inquiries