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Payroll Processing & HR Services


The name says it all … Miami Payroll Center saves you valuable time plus a whole lot more to grow by providing advanced integration of payroll, payroll tax, human resources and timekeeping services for businesses like yours. Our continued success is due to our ability to listen, respond, and treat our customers like individuals. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is committed to providing the best customer service in the industry. With our extensive and cost-effective services, corporations and business owners can help add significant value to their company’s bottom line.

We Make Your Payroll Simple

Simply gather your payroll information and at your convenience, just phone, fax, email, or transmit it via the internet on your PC with our online option. Once we have your payroll information, your payroll checks and reports are on their way. It’s so simple and fast … it’s effortless! Our payroll specialists are always just a phone call away.

Every Payroll Period

We Prepare for You:

  • Payroll Checks and/or Direct Deposit
  • Current and Year-To-Date Payroll Register
  • Check and/or Direct Deposit Register
  • Payroll Tax Liability Register
  • Pay by Department Register
  • Time and Attendance Register
  • Payroll Deduction Register

Every Deposit Period

We Prepare for You:

  • FICA, Federal, FUTA, State, SUTA and Local Taxes
  • Notify You of All Deposits Made for Your Records
  • Pay 941 Taxes Using EFTPS

Every Quarter

We Prepare for You:

  • 941 Quarterly Returns
  • Federal Unemployment Return
  • State, Federal and Local Reconciliation
  • Pay Federal Unemployment taxes
  • File State Unemployment return

Optional Reports

Available on Request:

  • Vacation/Sick Leave Accruals
  • General Ledger Report
  • Workers’ Compensation Report
  • 401K Reporting
  • Vendor Checks
  • Federally Mandated New Hire Reports
  • Workers’ Compensation Detail and Totals Report
  • Consolidated Check Register, Tax Register, and Payroll Reports
  • 8027 Allocated Tip Report
  • 8846 Credit for Taxes Paid on Certain Tips

Direct Deposit

Give your employees the benefit of direct deposit. Each pay period, your employees’ earnings are automatically deposited into their bank account. They also have the option of depositing their paycheck into as many as four different accounts. Each employee will receive a check stub detailing their pay and the account or accounts in which it was deposited.

Check Signing and Stuffing

Now experience the convenience of not having to be at the office to hand out paychecks. We can put your authorized digital signature on checks and have them automatically stuffed and sealed for confidentiality.