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Payroll Processing & HR Services

HR Support Center

With our HR Support Center, you will be able to read articles and research laws as well as access an extensive HR knowledge-base that has answers to your employment and relationship questions plus much more. You can also easily download a handbook, forms and job descriptions. Personalized HR support is available from competent, experienced professionals. Click here for a demonstration or more information.


  • Security
    • Form level security – Read/Write, Read Only, No Access
    • Company level security – Can only open a specific range of company numbers
  • Program Interfacing
    • Interfaces with TimePlus Payroll and CheckConnect
    • Exports available for each screen
  • Company Information
    • Track vital company information and celebrated holidays
    • Setup companies that can be tracked at three different levels: Divisions, Locations and Departments
  • Job Tracking
    • Setup unlimited job titles that can be assigned to employees or applied for by applicants
    • Enter default information that can automatically be assigned to employees and new hires
    • Job descriptions
    • ADA compliance
    • Educational requirements
    • Minimum age and experience
  • Benefits Administration
    • Setup unlimited benefit packages for each company
    • Deduction information
    • Eligibility rules
    • Company match information
    • Carrier information
  • Employee Tracking
    • Workers’ compensation information
    • EEOC information
    • Military information
    • Union information
    • Driver’s license information
    • Detailed contact information including emergency contacts
    • Advanced job tracking and audit trails
    • Company property manager
    • Company loans
    • Benefits enrollment
    • COBRA administration including payment tracker
    • Advanced medical and wellness tracking including drug tests
    • Performance review tracking
    • Attendance and discipline management
    • Track education, training, skills and community service
    • Automated I-9 and W-4 tracking and printing
  • Employee Termination
    • Fully integrated employee termination wizard
    • Detailed termination tracking: Dates, times, reasons, rehire information, exit interviews,
      compensation information, employee/manager/HR explanations
  • Applicant Tracking
    • Fully integrated with employee record
    • Hire applicant wizard for importing employee data
    • Interviews and activities scheduler
    • Interview details
    • Job offer tracking with employer and applicant contingencies
    • Requisition information
    • Track education, training, skills and community service
    • Track references and previous employment
  • Application Wizard
    • Allows applicant to enter complete applicant information on a separate machine that will automatically update HR with the information
    • Automatically print application based on information entered
    • Automatically print other required forms
  • Standard Reports
    • Applicants
    • Employees
    • EEOC
    • Medical information
    • Benefits
    • Attendance
    • Company property
    • Workers’ compensation
    • And many, many more…
  • Company Calendar and Tasks
    • Track department tasks, meetings, vacations, etc.
    • Print calendar and task information
  • Fully Integrated Word Editor
    • Print, save, email and fax documents from each machine