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Payroll Processing & HR Services

HR as-a-Service

Is your company growing nicely and you want to ensure your HR practices are being performed correctly- but you’re not large enough yet to justify hiring a full-time HR Director?

Has your HR Director retired or moved on to another company, and you need an HR professional immediately to fill the role while you look for a replacement?

HR-as-a-ServiceAre you the de facto HR person for your company, but your business card actually says Chief Financial Officer. Sounds like you could use our help!

Miami Payroll Center can place an experienced, qualified HR professional in your company for as long as you need to ensure the work gets done. We can alternatively coach an in-house professional, ease the burden during periods of peak workloads, or actually become the human resource manager for a small- or mid-sized company.

Our human resources staff are diligently screened and selected with management and HR experience in almost every industry— hospitality, start-ups, retail, financial services, health care, medical, legal and banking.

What can we help you accomplish?

  • Benefits
    • We can help you shop, compare, and roll out group benefit plans such as a group health care plan, 401K, or a short/ long-term disability plan
    • Comply with all of the reporting requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), or Affordable Care Act (ACA) for short
  • Compensation
    • We can help you determine appropriate compensation levels for executive, salaried, or hourly employees
    • Bonus plan implementation and distribution
    • Merit increases
  • Performance Management
    • Plan and execute performance appraisals for executive, salaried, or hourly employees
    • Automate your performance management process
    • Succession planning
  • Talent Acquisition
    • Flat-fee recruiting service for non-exempt positions
    • Retained searches for executive and other exempt positions
    • Employee on-boarding programs
    • New hire orientation
  • Training & Development
    • One-on-one training sessions
    • Classroom training opportunities
    • Internal managerial courses and workshops
    • Custom-tailored online training programs
  • Employee Relations
    • Counseling
    • Performance Improvement Programs
    • Termination procedures and coaching
    • Employee recognition programs
    • Employee events
    • Turnover analysis strategies & tactics
    • Employee handbooks
  • Legal Compliance
    • Comply with all local, state, and federal employment laws
    • Legal updates