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Electronic Timekeeping that is Fully Integrated … TimePlus is an industry leader in the fully automated payroll and electronic timekeeping business. We recognize that businesses not only have the need for payroll and tax services, but a seamless timekeeping package as well. TimePlus has a timekeeping system that is so simple, so advanced, it’s effortless!

Traditional Timekeeping TimePlus Timekeeping
1. Collect time cards at the end of the pay period 1. Swipe card
2. Review time cards and track down missing clock ins and outs 2. Approve time (via fax, email, or CheckConnect )
3. Calculate regular time and overtime 3. Receive checks to hand out to your employees
4. Contact your payroll company or manually input hours
5. Distribute check to employees

It Couldn’t Be Easier!

No more dealing with time cards every week. No more worrying about your employees “beating the system” by manipulating the clock. Did you know that the average employee “beats the system” up to 6 minutes a day? That’s 30 minutes a week, or two hours per month … It just adds up!

So How Does It Work?

Once a timekeeping terminal is installed at your company’s location, it automatically downloads all of the information it has stored via phone line to the local TimePlus office. This information is then processed and stored nightly, which allows us to give you a variety of management reports on a daily, weekly, and/or per payroll basis. Free your time by not having to calculate unreadable paper punch cards and unreliable time sheets. According to the American Payroll Association, electronic timekeeping can save your business thousands of dollars per year. Our payroll, timekeeping and tax services save you both time and money, which allows you to get back to the revenue producing business.

Other Advantages of TimePlus Electronic Timekeeping

  • Time and attendance reports
  • It can handle locations, departments, job and tip reporting
  • Know who is approaching overtime and who can be worked instead
  • Prove time worked for an employee
  • And much, much more…